Ding Dong

2019 Ding-Dong has moved to Tuesday nights and will start on Tuesday 7th May.


Now Tuesday evening – Sessions start at 6:15 prompt and finish at 8:15pm.
Each game is time limited, and played to a maximum of 12 ends.
The format of each game will depend on the number of players and available rinks. Avoid missing out arrive promptly; at least 10 minutes before start.
A draw will decide rinks and teams.
In the event of an odd number of players attending, one match will be played with one member down, but, each team will use the same number of bowls!
Scorecards to be submitted and will be entered onto a Ding-Dong Table. This will be updated throughout the competition.
Scoring the game:
2 points awarded for a win.
1 point awarded for a draw.
1 extra point awarded for winning by 5 shots or more.
Common sense and fair play apply!
No need to play each week – Play when you want!
Associate members can play, but will not appear on the table.
Toss for the mat & decide team positions. No trial ends. Jack bowled or placed.
Visiting head discouraged. Dead-end scores one shot to opposition.
Play stops at either; 90 minutes; 12 ends maximum, or 8:15pm; whichever comes first.
Skips must ensure equipment is put away and scorecards signed and returned.
(Refreshments available to purchase – Please wash up afterwards!)
£1 to Play.

* Associate members can play but will not be included in the Ding-Dong Table.



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