Presentation Night 2014

_small__small__KB_7952MIXED TRIPLES:  Dave & Sandie Bartlett, David Spratley (sponsor), Joe Loutan


edited__KB_7958TWO WOOD PAIRS: Marjorie & David Williams (presented by Jill Spratley on behalf of Val Woodbridge).


edited__KB_7964DRAWN TWO WOOD PAIRS: Kevin Belcher (and Malcolm Coe not present), presented by Joan & Roy Belcher.


edited__KB_7990NOVICE SINGLES: Marnie Henkey with Margaret Meager (sponsor)


edited__KB_7998LADIES TWO WOOD SINGLES: Joan Taylor (with Marnie Henkey, sponsor)


edited__KB_8015LADIES SINGLES: Marnie Henkey (with Gillian Chamberlain, sponsor)


edited__KB_8023MENS SINGLES: Kevin Belcher (with Chris Goss sponsor)


edited__KB_8030OPEN SINGLES: Gary Belcher (with John Richardson, sponsor)


edited__KB_8036CAPTAINS ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Richard Korpan, with Captain Kevin Belcher


edited__KB_8040CAPTAINS ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: Peter Sawyer, with Captain Kevin Belcher


edited__small__KB_7969MIXED PAIRS: Cheryl Colby & Gary Belcher.


edited__small__KB_7982PLATE SINGLES: Paul Sainsbury (with Joan Taylor & Graham Jorden, sponsors)


edited__small__KB_8006HANDICAP SINGLES: Gary Belcher, (with Sandie Bartlett, sponsor)

The following are various photographs taken during the evening, and include some of the finalists receiving their awards.

_edited__KB_7858 copy

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