Presentation Night 2015

Photography by Katrina Chaplin

TRIPLES – Kevin Belcher, Cheryl Colby & Gary Belcher_KB_3764


TWO WOOD PAIRS FINALISTS – (Richard Korpan) & John Rosier
(Marjorie Williams, Sponsor)


TWO WOOD PAIRS – Cheryl Colby & Marjorie Williams (David Williams, Sponsor)


TWO WOOD PAIRS – Gary Belcher & Dave Bartlett
(Joan & Roy Belcher, Sponsors)


MIXED PAIRS – Sandie & Dave Bartlett (Presented by Gillian Chamberlain)_KB_3785


NOVICE – Elaine Hockley (Margaret & John Meager, Sponsors)


LADIES TWO WOOD – Cheryl Colby (Presented by Margaret Meager)


HANDICAP – Dave Bartlett (Presented by sister Sue Parsons)


LADIES – Sandie Bartlett (Gillian Chamberlain, Sponsor)


MENS – Gary Belcher (Chris Goss, Sponsor)


OPEN – Kevin Belcher (John Richardson, Sponsor)


CAPTAINS AWARDS (For Outstanding Services To The Club):
John Meager (Treasurer) / Kevin (Club Captain) / David Williams (Secretary)_KB_3825


one week later………….

PLATE – Richard Korpan (Presented by David Williams)IMG_1144


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