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Previously we saw the culmination of another great OTL season for Shiplake and, with a convincing win over Burghfield, they have claimed back the title from last years Champions. Congratulations to Shiplake. I can also announce that Hurst will be runners-up who have faired well over the whole season. Well done on your valiant effort. A good win in your last match will make the scores very close.
Can I please remind all Clubs that the end of season meeting is to be held on Monday 25th September at 8pm at The Oddfellows Hall, Reading. There will be quite a lot to discuss around match formats and league developments. Details will be with Clubs shortly. If any Club has a particular point to raise on the Agenda can they please forward asap.



ODDFELLOWS TRIPLES LEAGUE – contact and Rules and Fixture List below :-

Secretary: Kevin Belcher

16 Stephens Road, Mortimer Reading, Berkshire RG7 3TU

kevin.belcher.1@btinternet.com / burghfieldbowls@btinternet.com

0118 933 2581 / 07807 64480


1.   The League shall be called the  Oddfellows Triples League, (OTL).

  1. Games will be played by participating clubs on a home and away basis. The format of each game will be five mixed triples except where a participating club’s green has only three rinks, when three mixed rinks will be played.
  2. The visitors will have the right to the jack in all games.
  3. The Captains will play each other and other opponents will be drawn.
  4. The rinks to be used for all games will be drawn. Draws to be done by, or in the presence of, both captains.
  5. At least one gentleman and one lady must play on each rink at the commencement of each match.
  6. Scores for each game will be as follows:
  7. a) five triples : 2 points per rink + 4 points for the game.
  8. b) three rinks : 3 points per rink + 5 points for the game.

In the event of total shots in either a rink or the game being drawn, the points for that rink or the game, as appropriate, will be shared equally.

  1. If, for the duration of a game, a team is going to be one player short, then they should play a pair (one gentleman and one lady) against a triple, with the shots at the end adjusted by the pair losing one third of their shots, rounded up to the nearest whole number. Note: For games consisting of three rinks, this would mean a triple against a four, and the triple would lose a quarter of their shots at the end, rounded up to the next whole number. In either situation, the teams should each play with 8 bowls, with the skip of a triple bowling with just two.
  2. If, for the duration of a game, a team is going to be more than one person short, one rink will be forfeited and the non-defaulting club will be awarded 2 points and 15 shots for the rink. (3 points for three rink games).
  3. If, at the start of a game a team has one player arriving late, the affected rink can be delayed for a maximum of 10 minutes. Thereafter, the game should be started using a substitute, or the format as per Rule 8 until the late player joins in (in any position other than skip). The score will be reduced as per Rule 8 for all ends prior to the player joining in.
  4. If, at the start of a game a team has more than one player arriving late, the game can be delayed for a maximum of 30 minutes. If this is not practicable, then the game can be started using the format as per Rule 8 with scores reduced on affected rinks for all ends prior to the players joining in.
  5. If someone falls ill or has an accident during the game, a maximum time of 10 minutes will be permitted to see if they can continue. If this is not likely, then
  6. If a substitute is available he or she must play in any position other than skip, and the other members of the team can rearrange their positions as necessary.  The substitution must comply with Rule 6.
  7. If no substitute is available then the team will continue to play the remainder of the game in line with Rule 8, adjusting their score for ends completed after the player withdrew. This avoids the remaining five players not being able to play the rest of that game.

iii.  If more than one person wishes/needs to retire from the game rink then Rule 9 conditions will be invoked, unless a substitute has filled in for the first retiree, where Rule 8 conditions apply.

  1. 13. In the event of bad weather or poor light conditions (or other unforeseen factor) the following procedures will apply to decide the result:
  2. If the Captains agree, trial ends can be removed with one shot maximum to count on each of the first two ends. (Dead ends are replayed, Tied ends count with a zero score).
  3. If a game is abandoned after it has been started then provided that an average of ten ends per rink have been completed then the scores at that point will provide the result.

iii.   If less than an average of ten ends per rink have been completed when play is halted an attempt to rearrange the fixture should be made, and if that proves impossible then the points will be shared equally between the two clubs concerned.

  1. If the game cannot be started then the fixture is to be rearranged, to be played within the next three weeks, preferably on a Friday evening.
  2. A player who is a member of two clubs that are both in the League may only be selected for one of these clubs for all league games. The player must nominate which club he or she wishes to play for at the beginning of the season.
  3. Only members who are fully paid up and registered members of an Oddfellows Triples League club can play in the OTL. Social members from other clubs are not eligible to play for OTL clubs, in league games.
  4. Any permitted changes agreed between two clubs prior to a game (i.e. a shortage of players) cannot be revoked less than 24 hours before commencement of that game.
  5. If a club cannot raise a team or a game is defaulted then five points will be awarded to the first defaulting club and nine points will be awarded to the opposing club.
  6. Games not played at the correct venue should be of the same number of triples or rinks as would have been played if the game had taken place at the correct venue. (No original 5 triples games to be on a 3 rink venue).
  7. When arranging fixtures all clubs will be given the same opportunity to play their games at ‘normal’ times – i.e. weekend afternoons or weekday evenings. Any deviation from this must be in total agreement with both clubs.
  8. In all other respects the Laws of the Game as laid down by World Bowls apply.



At the pre-season administrative meeting each participating club will contribute £5.00 per annum to assist in covering the administrative costs of the League.

Another meeting will be held after the end of the season, at which the participating clubs will review that season and discuss any matters arising and agree any rule amendments the future season. A simple majority will suffice for rule amendments.

The meetings will be called by the League Secretary and each participating club is entitled to send two representatives to attend and have a vote.

The Secretary of the League will keep a full record of all contributions received from the clubs and of all expenditure incurred in the administration of the League.

Other meetings will be called as deemed necessary.

OTL Fixtures 2017


BURGHFIELD BC – OTL Winners 2016

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  The (new) Rules for 2016:
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Kevin Belcher
League Secretary

07807 644809 (Leave message)

The post-season OTL meeting will be held on MONDAY 25 September, 8pm, at the usual venue: Oddfellows Hall, 118b Oxford Road, Reading, RG1 7NQ

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