Competition Rules 2017

Finals Weekend Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th September 2017

1.  Competitions are open to FULL [fully paid-up on Open Day] members of Burghfield Bowls Club only. Individuals who have joined and play for another outdoor club in addition to Burghfield Bowls Club may not enter.

2.  It is the Club’s policy that the finals of all Club competitions will be played over the Finals Weekend (Saturday 16th – Sunday 17th September 2017).
Any members knowing that they will be unavailable for both days of the Finals Weekend, or, who are unlikely to be available for long periods of time during the season, should not enter the competitions.

3. All fees will be collected by the Competitions Secretary. Non-payment of fees will result in the member being excluded from the competition(s). The fees are £3.50 per competition, with the Open costing £1.00. Plate remains free.

4.  The first named (top) player on the draw list, the challenger, is responsible for contacting the second named player, the opponent, as soon as possible, and at least seven days before the play date, to arrange a mutually convenient date for their match. The challenger will also be responsible for providing a marker for single matches. However, where the play-by date is imminent it is suggested the opponent contacts the challenger to try to arrange a convenient date to play the match.

5.  The challenger must offer at least three dates to the opponent, all of which should be well in advance of the play-by-date and will book the agreed date in the GREEN BOOKING folder to ensure a rink is available. Ideally matches should be played earlier than the prescribed play-by dates and members are encouraged to arrange their matches as soon as possible.

6.  Failure to complete a match by the play-by-date may result in the challenger forfeiting the match, unless it can be proved that the fault lies with the opponent.
The Competitions Committee will decide upon any dispute.
All semi-finals matches WILL be completed by the nominated play by date to enable the committees to prepare for the Finals Weekend. Only in exceptional circumstances, and with the knowledge of the Competitions Committee, will any leeway be permitted.

7.  Where a dispute is liable to arise due to the unavailability of any player this must be brought to the attention of the Competitions Committee as soon as possible, preferably at least seven days before the play-by-date for that particular round of matches. The Committee will issue a verbal ruling upon any dispute within seven days. Any player shall have the right to appeal to the full Management Committee provided that he/she lodges such an appeal in writing with the Club Secretary within seven days of the issue of a ruling.

8. In the interest of fair play any Member playing Club Competitions must not practice on, nor play more than one Competition match on the same rink
on the same day.

9.  Scoreboards should always be used and a scorecard indicating the competition being played must be kept for all matches. For singles games the marker will keep the scorecard and for all other matches, the skips of each team will mark separate score cards, conferring with the other at regular intervals during the contest to verify accuracy. Only one of the scorecards need be signed by one of the skips upon completion of the match, and left in the Clubhouse for the Competitions Committee.

10.  All matches will commence after 2 trial ends by each player (if required) and the toss of a coin will decide who shall start.

11. Leaving the green – a player may leave the green at any time during a match for a call of nature, to get refreshments or to retrieve equipment/clothing left in the Clubhouse. The maximum time allowed for such a break in play will be 10 minutes.

12. Abandoned Matches – Where a game has commenced and has to be abandoned due to adverse weather, poor light, etc., the teams shall:
decide to replay the whole game at the earliest convenient date, or
agree that the result will stand provided:
in a singles game at least one player has twelve shots or more, except in the case of a Handicap Singles game, where at least one player has reached half their required score (rounded-up) plus one shot.
in the case of pairs or triples at least 11 ends have been played.

13. Dead Ends – are where a jack is pushed off either side of the rink. The end shall not be counted or added to the scorecard, but will be replayed from the same direction.

14. Tied Ends – are where it cannot be decided which bowl is shot, i.e. where they are identical distances away from the jack. In this case the end is counted and added to the scorecard but no score is added for either side.

15. Result – The winner will enter the result of the match onto the master competition sheet immediately after the match is concluded.

16. Dress – for all competitions for players and markers will be greys, with white tops, or approved coloured Club shirts. Finals will be played in Whites with Club shirts.

17. Substitutes – a substitute may be allowed in Pairs and Triples Competitions provided that the Competitions Committee is consulted in advance and that the substitute has not already participated in that particular competition. There will have to be a strong and valid reason for substitutions to be permitted.

18. Competition Fees – The fees are £3.50 per player, per competition, except for the Open Competition which is now £1.00. The Plate remains free.

19. Finals Practice:
If a player or team that has not yet played is due to meet a player or team that has already played on the same day, the player or team that has not yet played can practice as long as:
(a) there is sufficient time available without delaying the competition, and
(b) a rink is available other than one on which the player or team has been drawn to play in a subsequent round, and
(c) such practice shall be limited to 10 ends

20. Bowls Stickers – For the Finals, players will exchange their normal bowls stickers for coloured ones to aid spectator vision. New Burghfield stickers will be made available afterwards.

21. Excepting all local conditions and amendments above, all games will be played in line with the Laws of the Sport of Bowls, Crystal Mark Third Edition. A copy of which is kept in the umpires kit.

George Rogers 0118 9664911(Secretary)                                           Kevin Belcher 0118 9332581 / 07807 644809                                            Chris Goss 0118 9700820 / 07770 872373                                                  Ady Parsons 0118 9333465/  07880 861421

The first player to reach 21 shots shall be the winner, (except in the Handicap competition, in which case the player with lowest handicap plays to 21. Player with higher handicap plays to 21 + difference in handicaps. E.g. 23 and 28 play to 21 and 26Each player will have four bowls.
The Novices Competition is open to any club member who has not previously won any Singles Competition, at this, or any other Club.

This competition will be played on Sunday 10th Sep 2017 
ALL names will be drawn to determine playing partners.
Format to be decided nearer the date, this is dependant on numbers entering.
Each player to have two bowls.
The Final will be played over Finals Weekend

Games to consist of 21 ends
An extra end is to be played if scores are tied after 21 ends
Each player to have four bowls

Games to consist of 21 ends
An extra end to be played if score tied after 21 ends
Each player to have two bowls

Round-robin games to be played on Sunday 6 August 2017
Format to be decided nearer the date, this is dependant on numbers entering.
Each player is to have three bowls
Final to be played over Finals Weekend

Any member losing their first game in the Open Singles Competition will automatically be entered into the draw for the Plate Competition, which will commence once all initial Open Singles games have been played.
Each player is to have four bowls.
The first player to reach 21 shots shall be the winner.
There will be a nominal charge for this Competition
Final to be played on Finals weekend

Singles competition – 4 bowls each player
First to score 100 (or more) points is the winner.
Shot bowl to count 4 points – Second 3 points – Third 2 points – Fourth 1 point
If tied for shot – end declared DEAD – no points awarded
If tied for Second bowl – shot bowl only counts – 4 points only awarded
If tied for Third shot – First & Second Bowls count – 7 points only awarded
If tied for Fourth shot – First, Second & Third bowls count – 9 points awarded
If on any end both players can reach 100, the end is played to a conclusion as usual and all points are awarded. If scores are still equal an extra end is to be played and all points again awarded. If scores are still even, further extra ends are to be played on the above basis until a winner is achieved, so determined by a higher score.