100 UP Competition

In the forthcoming season, we will be introducing a brand new competition to the club, sponsored by Paul Sainsbury.  It is called the 100UP and for your information, here are the rules…..

100 UP
Singles competition – 4 bowls each player – first to score 100 (or more) points is the winner.
Shot bowl to count 4 points – Second 3 points – Third 2 points – Fourth 1 point
If tied for shot – end declared DEAD – no points awarded
If tied for Second bowl – shot bowl only counts – 4 points only awarded
If tied for Third shot – First & Second Bowls count – 7 points only awarded
If tied for Fourth shot – First, Second & Third bowls count – 9 points awarded
If on any end both players can reach 100, the end is played to a conclusion as usual and all points are awarded. If scores are still equal an extra end is to be played and all points again awarded. If scores are still even, further extra ends are to be played on the above basis until a winner is achieved, so determined by a higher score.


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