Presentation Night 2010

P1050681aJohn & James – Drawn Two Wood Pairs (Sponsor Marion Indge, presented by Marjorie Williams)


P1050683aGary, Joan & Kevin – Mixed Triples (Sponsor Spratley’s of Mortimer, presented by John Meager)


P1050685aKevin & Gary – Two Wood Pairs (Sponsor David & Marjorie Williams)


P1050686aCheryl Colby – Ladies Two Wood Singles (SSponsor Sue Clark)


P1050689aGary & Cheryl – Mixed Pairs (Sponsor Tony & Val Woodbridge, presented by Gillian Chamberlain)


P1050690aJames Hubbard – Novice Singles (Sponsors Margaret & John Meager)


P1050692aGary Belcher – Handicap Singles (Sponsors Sandie & Dave Bartlett)


P1050693aJune – Ladies Singles (Sponsor Gillian Chamberlain)


P1050695aDave – Mens Singles (Sponsor Chris Goss)


P1050697aJoe – Open Singles (Sponsor John Richardson)


P1050698aCheryl receiving Captain’s Special Award from Kevin Belcher


P1050699aJohn receiving Captain’s Special Award from Kevin Belcher



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