2024 OTL

This list incorporates all know changes as at 5th April.

(Note that all fixtures are subject to change)

Date Opponents Time Venue Rinks/Triples
Wed 1st Reading (OTL) 6.00pm H 5 Triples
Wed 8th Shiplake (OTL) 6.15pm H 5 Triples
Wed 29th Hurst  (OTL) 6.15pm A 5 Triples
Sun 2nd Tilehurst (OTL) 2.30pm A 5 Triples
Sun 9th Reading (OTL) 2.30pm A 5Triples
Wed 19th Henley-on-Thames (OTL) 6.15pm A 5 Triples
Sat 22nd Palmer Park (OTL) 2.00pm A 5 Triples
Wed 26th Pangbourne (OTL) 6.15pm H 5 Triples
Wed 3rd Maiden Erlegh (OTL) 6.15pm H 5 Triples
Sat 6th Henley-on-Thames (OTL) 2.30pm H 5 Triples
Wed 17th Pangbourne (OTL) 6.15pm A 5 Triples
Wed 24th Palmer Park (OTL) 6.15pm H 5 Triples
Sun 28th Shiplake  (OTL) 2.30pm A 5 Triples
Fri 2nd Millennium Cup (OTL) 5.30pm Reading 1 Triple
Sat 3rd Hurst (OTL) 2.30pm H 5 Triple
Sun 18th Maiden Erlegh (OTL) 2.30pm A 5 Triples
Sun 8th Tilehurst (OTL) 2.30pm H 5 Triples